Mista International is a Jamaican born reggae/rap artist, by the name of Gary Wright. He is currently residing in Atlanta, GA which is the Mecca for new and upcoming musicians. Gary was influenced by the Reggae culture as a youngster, growing up in Jamaica. He started pursuing music at a young age. His hit song, “Buss a New Song” tells the story of how long he’s been working to get radio play.

Mista International migrated to the USA at a young age. He continued writing music and leaned the Rap/Hip-Hop genre. Gary started doing both the Reggae and the Hip Hop genres until he became proficient at both.

In 2000, when he was going by the name “Southside Menace”, Gary released his first song called, “Junkie”. This song was dedicated to the A-town (Atlanta). It showed how much he misses his city when he’s away.  That single was on a mixed CD released by Off the Cliff Entertainment. His other songs, Hoochie Groupies and Switching Lanes with “Ambition” were also on this mix CD.

Mista International took a break from music to get his education and raise a family. In 2012, he started a label called Connectivity Production. Under this label, Gary has released numerous songs, such as Sex Appeal, Dead On, and Life’s Journey which is his current song playing globally. The video to this song is in the Top 20 in Jamaica on numerous TV stations. Mista International speaks Positivity and Love for the ladies. He looks forward to continue performing for his current, as well as, new fans.

Contact Information for Mista International:

Instagram: #connectivityproductions

Twitter: @akilthenoble

Facebook: Gary MistaInternational Wright

Facebook Band Page: Connectivity Productions and Portland Cottage Youths

Soundcloud: Connectivity Productions

YouTube: Connectivity Productions

Reverbnation/ Mista International